Research Projects

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Twillica: The All-in-One Jacket
We've been wearing clothing for 170,000 years. And yet, we've made almost no significant progress in the field.
So alongside Jolie Li, Sora Shirai, and Klara Zietlow, we created Twillica to revolutionize the clothing field using a combination of carbon nanotubes, and shape memory polymers.
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Increasing Female Digital Employment In Senegal
Even though 35% of urban Senegalese businesses are women-owned, 75% of women work in the informal sector.
So along with Aliya Ojuade, Soliana Fikru, and Sora Shirai, we created a plan to use a platform, Selle, to formalize and digitalize the jobs of these women.
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Increasing COVIDaware Minnesota App Adoption
My team (Sofi Sanchez, Sakeenah Ajayi, Klara Zietlow) and I did lots of research from taking a look at studies to reaching out to people living in Minnesota to gain an understanding of how to increase the use of a COVID-19 contact tracing app created by the PathCheck Foundation.
We created a slide deck outlining 3 approaches for how to increase adoption rates of the digital contact tracing app in Minnesota to 50%.
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Armadillo: Teaching Elementary Students the Necessities
Manasi, Anh, Orna, Sakeenah, Sriya, and I came up with Armadillo, the all-in-one platform for young elementary students to learn about social and physical health outside of in-person school.

Design Projects

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The Stem Cell Game
Through two levels of tutorials and quizzes, you'll both learn about stem cells and test your knowledge.
I created this game in Figma with all ages and experience levels in mind so make sure to try it out!
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Contact Tracing App Prototype
This was my very first experience with Figma and I had to finish it on a 2-day timeline! As part of the contact tracing app adoption project mentioned above where my team and I suggested strategies to increase adoption rates of a digital contact tracing app in Minnesota to 50%, I created this prototype to show how to improve their current app.
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The Gairdner Science Week Game
As part of my work with the Gairdner Foundation (as their High School Science Correspondent), I created a game highlighting the work of Gairdner Award Laureates. The game is interactive and includes some fun quizzes!
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Parmin’s (Un)packed 2021
Inspired by the Spotify Wrapped which summarizes your favourite songs and podcasts + Ziyaan Virji, I created an interactive summary of how my 2021 went using Figma.
You get to guess which blogs and newsletters I’ve written, which podcasts I’ve been on, and more.
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Dérive: Your Clothes Travel With You
During another one of my adventures with Figma, I prototyped this app that helps you rent clothing during your travels alongside Caroline Avery Tanto. This was all done in about one night! Ideating the project was done alongside Nandini Kanthi and Fatimah Hussain.

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